5 Killer and Worst Linux System Commands List

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5 Killer and Worst Linux System Commands List

Nowadays, Linux system is one of the most powerful and highly popular operating systems. In Linux, users can do many amazing tasks other than windows or mac ever can’t imagine. Linux has both positive and negative tasks on their system that it can do critical hacking or serious damage to the computer system.

Linux user generally uses terminal command to perform their tasks and don’t ask user for any confirmation for that command line. So, the user easily performs their tasks without doing any activities so that sometimes, people uses negative task on their terminal. Due to this harmful activities, it is recommended to perform good task while typing command lines. Also, you must have better experience and depth knowledge of linux command code lines.

5 Killer Linux Commands List That Can Destroy System

  1. rm -rf /

This command rm -rf / will delete everything. Do you know? It is a combination of three keywords. that is, first – rm which removes all the files, second – -rf which runs command in effectively and removes all files and folders from specific folder without asking any confirmation, and last or third – / that will start removing the files from root directory that is, delete everything from the system along with removable data.

  1. :(){ :|: & };:

Generally, Known as Denial of Service Attack. It creates a shell function that gets replicated which once get initialized starts to create multiple copies of itself and as a result, system will get not responding message.

  1. ext4 /dev/sda1

it will directly format the hard disk of your computer. It is also a combination of two keywords. First – mkfs.ext4 which creates a new ext4 file system where the command gets executed, second – /dev/sda1 which point out or specifies the first partition on the first hard disk.

So, to format second partition on the second hard disk (with ext3 file system), the command looks like: mkfs.ext3 /dev/sda2

  1. /dev/sda

It is used to write any content directly to a hard drive where output will be sent to the file system that is, NTFS or FAT of the hard drive that causes file system will get damaged.

  1. mv ~ /dev/null

This command will move your home directory to Black hole that means you data will be destroyed. Generally, this command is Black hole where once any of your data (anything) sent, cannot be recovered back again.

Note:  Following above deadly linux commands list will be dangerous if they are prefixed with Sudo on Ubuntu System, otherwise they won’t work. Some of the other Linux Distro don’t perform these commands that is, must be run as root.

Warning: These 5 worst linux commands list that you must never try them on your system. Neither the Admin nor creator is responsible in any misuse of these commands. Educational Purposes Only!

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