Awesome Ways To Increase Google Chrome Browsing Speed

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Awesome Ways To Increase Google Chrome Browsing Speed

Today, In this post I am sharing about Google chrome tips for windows 10 users who are suffering slower browsing in their computer. Google chrome is the best and no. 1 free web browser for all platform, windows, Linux and mac ox. In windows 10, if you compare it with internet edge browser, then the best browsing results to Google chrome and it is much faster than internet edge in windows 10.

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The latest release version of Google chrome browser consumes less amount of CPU usage or RAM as compared to its earlier version. So, Google chrome comes with high speed internet browsing quickly. No doubt, everyone needs high speed and fast internet browsing feature on their computer or laptop. And also, most of the people search about Google chrome tricks to maximize the faster browsing on Google search. Basically, you can find unlimited Google chrome tips and methods to increase the browsing speed but here, I mentions about awesome methods to speed up your chrome browser.

Methods to Increase Faster Browsing on Google Chrome in Windows 10

To make Google chrome browser faster in windows 10, chrome provides some features on its special page. You first enable those features by going this address: chrome://flags

google chrome browsing speed features options


The Various Ways Features are:

  • GPU Speeding Up:

To enable this feature on your Google chrome browser, you have to press CTRL+F keys and then, go for “ignore-GPU-blacklist” option.

After enabling the link, it automatically utilizes the VRAM on your computer.

  • Smooth Scrolling:

To enable smooth scrolling, you have to press “smooth-scrolling” option.

After enabling the link, you will experience better smooth scrolling feature on your chrome browser.

  • Faster Image Uploading:

To do this feature, you have to press CTRL+F and then go for “num-raster-threads” option. This will provide “Number of raster threads” function. You can also change the value to 4.

  • Rapidly Closing Windows and Tabs:

To enable this feature, you have to press CTRL+F and go for “enable-fast-unload” option.

After enabling the link, you will get tabs are faster closing.

  • Disable Plugins/Extensions:

To increase the browsing speed on chrome, you must disable the unnecessary plugins or extensions are not required. This helps to reduce the speed of browsing quickly. Also, you can enable it whenever you want. To disable this feature, go to the Setting option of your chrome browser and click on disable button.

  • Enable Prefetch Resources:

Using this feature, you can load the sites rapidly.

To enable this feature, go to the Setting >> Advanced Setting >> Privacy option.

Note: The feature is already enabled in the latest version of Chrome.

  • Disable DNS Preloading Feature:

Most of the browser has storing the cache of the Domain Name servers and also Google chrome has.

To disable DNS Preloading, go to the Setting >> Advanced Setting >> Privacy option.

Now, you need to disable both options available in the Privacy options.

That is, unclick on these two options.(See below picture)

  • Remove Browsing Data Regularly:

In general, chrome store your history, cache and other browsing details which also causes slow browsing in some cases.

For complete clearing the history, go to History option or Press CTRL+SHIFT+DEL (Clear Browsing Data)


  • Use Data Saver Chrome Extension:

You can download this extension directly from Google chrome web store. Using this extension, you can save your data which makes your browser work rapidly.

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