Best 3 Easy Ways to Speed Up Your Google Chrome Browser

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Best 3 Easy Ways to Speed Up Your Google Chrome Browser

Today, we are explaining with this topic in which you can able to speed up your chrome browser easily. Google chrome is the best and fastest internet browser application among other browsers. I hope, as you have already known and experience about google chrome browser that really works fastest, easily to use and smoother compared to others internet browser. The web page loading speed is high in chrome and no need to wait more time for pages while accessing google chrome browser.

Sometimes, Google chrome browser don’t run well or working with slow. So, we mentioned few tips for working better performance in google chrome and tricks to speed up your internet browser with chrome.

Easy 3 Tips to Speed Up Google Chrome Browser:

1) Disable Plugins

Google chrome uses many plugins which are not important for user and internet browsing. You must install some plugins on chrome to run faster and smoother. But, don’t install too much plugins which can slow up your browsing speed.

Steps for Plugins Setup/Remove

Step 1: Open your chrome browser and type this address


plugins setup

Step 2: Check/Uncheck plugins that are usable or not. You can also remove unnecessary plugins, that means, only able to disable these plugins.

Remember: Some of the plugins are very useful for web browsing (example: flash, PDF viewer) because they are responsible for the performance of your browser. That is, some plugins (like flash) don’t need to disable as websites use flash to display web pages.

2) Disable Extensions

There is difference between plugins and extensions. So, don’t get confused. Extensions are specifically needed for browser to perform extra features and running some other application through extensions file. These extensions will slow up your browser if you installed too much extensions on your chrome browser and also, affect the speed performance poorly.

Steps to Extensions Setup/Remove

Step 1: Open chrome browser and type this address. (you can also open it from chrome toolbar)


Extensions remove disable

Step 2: You will see installed extensions list on your chrome browser. Just uncheck or uninstall the extensions that are not necessary. Check your browsing speed after removing some extensions.

3) Clear Browsing Data

Did you know? Most of the internet browser always and automatically records/collects cached files, cookies and other website data on their browser that less down your website loading speed and also consumes time while opening web pages. You should clear your cached and cookies data to increase your browsing speed.

Steps to Clear Your Browsing Data

Step 1: Click on Control menu on google chrome and choose.

Tools>>Clear Browsing Data.

(To clear browsing data directly, Press CTRL+SHIFT+DEL)

clear browsing data

Step 2: Now, choose the time period which are listed in dialog box and select/check all the options. And then, press Clear browsing data.

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