Best 3 Tips to Save Battery Life on Smartphone Devices

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Best 3 Tips to Save Battery Life on Smartphone Devices

Are you using Smartphone or Are you facing about battery life problems on your Smartphone devices?

One of the problem facing by most of the smartphone user are about its battery life that means, low battery, wastage of battery, decrease of battery life. When you buy any smartphone, then they provide battery life up to 12-18 hours which is not exactly true. There will only 8-10 hours battery life for some smartphones which is not best for good battery usage. The problem facing about this is not about Smartphone problem, it depends up on your device handling methods.

Now, I am talking about how to extremely save battery life on your Smartphone. Follow these tips or care your smartphone’s battery life for maximum hours with these valuable ideas provided here.

1. Must use original charger

When you buy smartphones, manufactures company put a best charger to made best compatible for their device charger. Changing duplicate or low efficiency charger causes problem after using smartphones, later provides battery down for their device.  This tips were given from own experience. I already have and use my duplicate charger for my smartphone devices. So, you must check the battery backup, warranty, original manufacture license before using some new smartphones.

2. Don’t use lots of application

There is no doubt that overloading smartphones with lots of apps diminishes battery life. When you are using some apps that overload memory device, causes to decrease battery life that means, more the apps more the notifications. Most of the apps are running for background process which are not perfect, and decrease the battery life. In case of automatic update apps and notification, there is use of extra bit of battery life. Therefore, you should use useful apps for your device and try to remove unnecessary apps.

3. Don’t charge Battery over if fully charged

This is the common issue that happening daily on your smartphones. Most of the people forgets to unplugged the device when battery getting fully charged. In case of latest device, there is inbuilt circuit disconnected when battery gets fully charged. If your smartphone missing these feature, your battery will get damaged if you don’t disconnect it at proper time. The common temperature range for a battery is 20-40 Celsius to get better performance. So never over charge your battery after getting completely charged.

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