Best 5 Text Editors (IDE) For Programmers/Developers

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Best 5 Text Editors (IDE) For Programmers/Developers

If you are a programmer or developer, then you need a good text editor IDE software for your programming or coding. IDE text editor is the best tool for developing, managing or writing code or just as a distraction free writing tool. So, today I am sharing best text editors for every programmers or developers should use to their text, code editor based on programmer’s choice reviews. There are thousands of IDEs and text editor’s software programs that supports some specific programming language only. But, here we will mention here short list of five text editors which helps every developers or programming easily to work their coding process.

Best Five Text Editors For Programmer or Developer:

  1. Sublime Text:

Sublime Text is a text editor or also IDE software, cross platform source code, written in C++ language, which was initially thought to be an extension of vim. This IDE has extra features with amazing performance coding language supports. It has multi-caret editing feature that helps you to write the same thing in several places.

  1. Atom:

Atom is also another best text editor used by thousands of developers. It is the popular Github code editor due to its great features that allows programmers to access the semantics of various programming languages or also, integration with Github. Atom was written in Html and JavaScript and the user can easily customize the interface via CSS.

  1. Notepad++

Notepad++ is another popular and powerful text editor that comes with greats features. Many developers or programmers are currently use this IDE for coding purpose. It facilitates the work of anyone with digital text feature and also, recognizes the syntax of top programming languages such as C, C++, Html, Xml, Java, Sql, Python, CSS and so on and including syntax highlight feature on coding. So, is has best text editor option for programmer or developers.

  1. Brackets:

Brackets is another free and open source editor by a big name. It is designed to be minimal, yet powerful with some unique and exciting features. Brackets is not a universal text editor, but a text editor that focuses on front-end development that is, web design purposes. Support for front-end language is extensive, and that’s why you should only consider Brackets for front-end development.

  1. UltraEdit:

UltraEdit is part of a family of developer products by IDM Computer Solutions and it can be used to edit Html, php, JavaScript, python and others programming languages. It has some awesome key features such as, multi-caret editing, syntax highlighting, editor’s themes, file/data sorting and much more. As a premium product, there are many others features compared to above described that complete with the best one.

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