Best Five Websites to Learn Programming Languages Online

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Best Five Websites to Learn Programming Languages Online

Most of people are searched about programming languages where it is good place to learn complete programming knowledge. There are many online websites that helps you to learn coding as well as programming guidelines from zero level to advanced level. You can get or select particular programming language to learn on their website.

Here I listed top and best five websites that provides quality programming languages knowledge and helps you to speed up your programming skill.

Best 5 Quality Websites To learn Programming Languages Online

Remember: There are so many website on internet that you can get others site by searching on google.

  1. The New Boston

The New Boston is an organizational learning site. This site provides many video tutorials of much popular languages such as C, C++, HTML, JavaScript, JAVA, Python etc. It also offers many interesting videos on various topics like Game Development, Photoshop, Designing and so on. Most of the tutorials are covered with many video playlist and also have easy to understand under more than fifteen minutes. And main important things about this website is difficulty level which provides Easy for all level programmer and developer.

  1. Codecademy

Another much famous programming learning site is Codecademy. If you are a beginner and want to start with the fundamental of web technology, Codecademy is a best choice for you. It offers easy to understand tutorials that divided into segments. After completion of each segments, the site provides you with a badge thereby giving you a regular update of your progress. Some of the web technologies used by Codecademy are HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Python, PHP and so on. It also handles errors occurs on your programs and the course are complete free from difficulty level.

  1. W3Schools

W3Schools is the best choice if you are noob to programming and don’t have any prior knowledge about it, it helps you learn and practice programming in very interactive and easy manner that offers different web development course like HTML, JavaScript, PHP, and so on. And another feature of this website is, user can access output in their own site, only type their code. In addition, it gives hands on exercises with practice what you have learnt through various projects that the site offers.


It believes in starting from scratch and is therefore apt for beginners that starts with giving you a brief history about what you are going to learn with their basic fundamental concepts behinds the programming segments. Some programming languages from this website are C, C++, C#, Java etc. This site helps you to increase the strength of your coding skills. Optimized for android phones as well as iOS devise and also, this site provides its own eBooks for both Android and iOS mobile. For a price, though.

  1. Learn Code The Hard Way

This website provides unique approach for teaching a number of programming languages such as C, Python, Ruby and SQL. There are tutorials as well as EBook’s that emphasize on repeated practice to get the learning done. The site makes for a very good resource on learning the languages it offers. The site’s book on learning python has been downloaded more than millions.

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