Best Methods To Increase Your Internet Speed Easily

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Best Methods To Increase Your Internet Speed Easily

Are you facing slow internet connection problem? Or your internet speed is slow? This type of frustrating things during connection gives more loading speed time in internet access. So, with this article, I am posting about various methods to increase the internet speed that will surely useful and also boost your internet connection speed. Don’t think that ‘having slow network speed not mean that you have a slow internet plan’, this depends on the computer’s hardware, cable using or network adapter.

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While google about this problem, you can find different applications, software that they claimed about internet speed connection. So, don’t waste your time with unnecessary requirements. You can solve your internet problem in own ways with few knowledges with bellows methods tricks. Just follow or try it to increase the speed of your internet connection. You feel some problem when applying, don’t forget to comment in this post.

Increase Internet Speed with these following methods:

Increase internet speed with 100% Bandwidth

Using 100% bandwidth, you can increase almost entire speed your internet. By default, general computer holds only 20% of your bandwidth for system requirement with windows update. Now if you can get that 20% of bandwidth, it will undoubtedly boost your internet speed.

gpedit.msc setting in pc

You must follow below steps to utilize that 20% reserved bandwidth to speed up your internet connection.

  • Access Run command using Win+R on your Windows PC
  • Then, type gpedit.msc
  • And, you will see Group Policy Window
  • Go to Computer Configuration >> Administrative Templates >> Network >> QoS Packet Scheduler >> Limit Reservable Bandwidth
  • Now, click on Enabled and Type 0 (i.e. Zero)
  • Click on OK to save the above setting. Done!! (see above image)


Check Router, Modem or Internet Dongle

If you have bought and internet plan of 512 KBps but you are just getting 256 KBps speed, then you must contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) for enquire with modem or internet. And also, you should take you Modem whenever you buy from Market to the ISP that make sure that is supported by their service or not.

If you are using WIFI system to access wireless internet, you always check about security whether it is using by other people without your knowledge. So, make sure that you can change your WIFI password frequently.

In Some country, many people are using 2G/3G/4G internet via SIM card from their respective service provider. In Nepal scenario, most of the people are using Ncell or NT internet service using their verified device or router, so must follow the rule about company provided and data access process to their users when accessing internet using 2G/3G/4G Dongle.

Check your connection with router, modem or 3G device

These all will perfectly help you to increase the Internet Accessing Speed on your PC and Smartphones.


Blocking Advertisements (Use Ad-Blocker Application)

While browsing with your favorite browser in your computer, you can see a lot of advertisements on different webpages. And also, some show excessive ads even before you reach to the content a closable window will appear with related ads, while results in more loading time.

Block Ads with Plug-in Adblock or application

So, to overtime this issue you can use Ad-blocking application or browser plugins such as AdBlock that block the ads on their webpage. In this way, blocking advertisements will reduce the loading time of web pages during browsing.


Blocking Web Page Elements in Your Browser

The important web elements include HTML, CSS or JS provides some extra loading time in your pages that comes with elements like images, flash or video also. Sometime you don’t need to use JS element (in case of text only) which surely increase internet speed. Due to different web page elements, the loading time and bandwidth required on pages are more. So, you just disable the unnecessary options such as location, JS etc. in your browser setting.

Blocking Web Elements on Google Chrome Browser


Change DNS Server

Due to the slow DNS Server respond, you can face slow internet access problem in your computer or mobile. So, you can change or use different DNS Server like that Google’s public DNS Server instead of your ISP’s DNS Server which gives fastest DNS Server respond freely. Use or try it and compare their different in your internet speed performance.

Change DNS Server With Google’s Public DNS

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