Web Development PHP Programming Frameworks l Best Three Frameworks

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Web Development PHP Programming Frameworks l Best Three Frameworks

Welcome to NepKoder, today, we are going to mention top three and best PHP Frameworks for web developers that can develop PHP based web development tools. Before starting about this topic, we shortly describe about PHP language below.

The PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor, is a programming language that allows web developers to create dynamic website with databases. Generally, PHP programming is famous for developing web based software applications or used for development of website with server-side scripting language. It also used as a general purpose programming language. The most popular or effective example of PHP coded web application is Facebook. Facebook is PHP based server-side scripting language followed by PHP programming language.

Best PHP Frameworks for Web Development:

  1. Laravel Framework

Shortly, The best PHP framework for web artisans. Laravel is open source PHP based web application framework designed for development of MVC web applications and it also free. The framework, Laravel takes care of typical nightmares of developers and helps by supporting inbuilt tasks of login authentication or URL based routing. Laravel allows smooth interactions for computer based management that provides great resource of reference or learning with Laracasts. Since, this framework is inherited its design from Ruby in Rails. So, the Laravel is also great tools for developers who has experienced in Ruby in Rails (RoR).

Below are best two new concepts used by Laravel framework for PHP web development:

  • Inversion of Control (IOC)
  • A built in migration support system
  • Phalcon Framework

This framework is completely belonging to C language and so, also powerful in other frameworks. But, concepts of C programming language are not prerequisite for using this framework as most of the functions are exposed as PHP modules. For web developers, it gives a great boost or speed in performance.

  • Yii Framework

The Yill Framework is the ideal option for developers to design social networking websites and also, followed by C++ language concepts. It has enough built in support that minimize development time immeasurably.

Below are the features provided by Yii Framework:

  • Role based access control system
  • Form validation support
  • Object oriented
  • Caching
  • Scaffolding



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