Best SSL Certificate Providers That You Can Choose in 2017

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Best SSL Certificate Providers That You Can Choose in 2017

What is Actually SSL Means ??

SSL means Secure Sockets Layer that connects your computer to the server which is more safe and secure for all data information. The certificate of SSL is widely used on the websites and also, for transmitting the credit card, bank details, personal data or tax details information data.

SSL Certificate For Your Website

Before choosing SSL Certificate, it depends on the need or requirements for your business, company. In this article, NepKoder sharing best available SSL certificate providers you should know in 2017. So, before decide from where to buy, you should know which SSL certificate you should fit for your sites. There are different variety of SSL certificate available with different requirement such as Single domain certificate, wildcard SSL for sub-domain protection, SAN for multiple domain, EV SSL to get Green Address Bar. If you have multiple sub-domains under the single domain, you should better go with Wildcard SSL certificate. Here, I am generally going to talk about Wildcard due to its rich features and is a perfect choice for the business who want to protect their unlimited sub domain under a single security certificate.

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In recent scenario – 2017, be safe and care while you choose best SSL certificate providers and be sure for choosing real security for your website too. Let’s see the below list of best SSL certificate providers that you should choose in 2017 for your business startup or websites.

Best SSL Certificate Providers in 2017

  1. SSL2BUY

The named for SSL2BUY is that reverberates with trust when it comes to purchasing Wildcard SSL certificates. It provides wide range of SSL certificates ranging from basic single domain to multiple domains. Another best feature of SSL2BUY with multi-domain of leading SSL brands with AlphaSSL, Comodo, RapidSSL, Symantec and offers AlphaSSL Wildcard Certificate at $38/year including 24/7 customers support, 30 days full money back guarantee and trusted site seals that add to its effectiveness.

Link – SSL2BUY

  1. Comodo

Another best SSL Certificate provider is Comodo that fulfill the any type of business with security requirements. Generally, it is used for home business or commercial also, ranging from basic home plan to enterprises level. The main feature of Comodo is to give 256-bit encryption, unlimited server license with a $250,000 warranty (chat support whenever you need). This SSL Certificate provider is highly trusted by almost all the browser and offers begins from $199 annually.

Link – Comodo

  1. RapidSSL

RapidSSL is a trusted Certificate Authority (CA) around the world. Among other SSL certificate provider, it gives excellent service and continuous support and top trusted SSL certificate provider in the online security market. It offers RapidSSL Wildcard Certificate at $216/year from the CA.

Link – RapidSSL

  1. Cheap SSL Shop

It offers with cheapest price at just $51 per year. This certificate protects your website easily and also cheapest rate among another SSL Certificate provider in 2017. This SSL certificate is ideal for all small, home, basic or medium size businesses to control the security for websites.

Link – Cheap SSL Shop

  1. ClickSSL

Located at United States, This ClickSSL is one of the best IT Security offering an option to bargain and compares the price to the customers. You can visit the deals page of ClickSSL to fine most exciting features or deals on Wildcard SSL certificates. This company also include Comodo Positive SSL Wildcard certificate at $90/year. It also has RapidSSL, Thawte and GeoTrust True BusinessID Wildcard to protect the website.

Link – ClickSSL

  1. Thawte

Another best or low-priced Wildcard SSL certificate provider in 2017 that offers wildcard SSL certificate at cheap rates for organization or modern business websites. With 256-bit encryption including 1.25M USD warranty, free reissues, unlimited server licenses, dynamic trusted site, the cheapest plan for Thawte web server is $524 for a year.

Link – Thawte

  1. GeoTrust

The SSL certificate offered by GeoTrust is highly trusted that confirms your security for domains. It costs $499/year. You can also access expert support if you are halted anywhere with features including 256-bit encryption, USD $1,250,000 warranty, 30 days refund policy options etc.

Link – GeoTrust

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