Block Any Social Networking Sites On Your PC With This Software

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Block Any Social Networking Sites On Your PC With This Software

In this post, NepKoder is sharing about the topic on social networking website blocking on computer or laptop. The modern world has given birth to some websites where you can get information about any topic or interact with your friends and family. Blocking any social networking sites means nobody can access such social website on your computer. This is helpful for people if they need to blocked specified website on their pc and only limited website can access from computer. This blocking features also help to use time value on their life.

So, today I am talking about the software that provides blocking features on computer easily with more and more add-ons features. This gives to use as permanently or temporarily depending on use choice. So, use this software as per your required or needed during browsing of any website, especially for social networking sites. The name of software is – HT Employee Monitor

Use HT Employee Monitor to block websites permanently

Step 1: It is a software that use to block particular social sites on your pc. So, Download and install this software from below download link.

Download Link

Step 2: Run this software and go to ‘Website Blocking’ option.

Step 3: you can see a list of ‘Banned Categories’ on left hand side. You can add a website in the ‘Banned Websites’ list to permanently block that website on your computer.

Step 4: After adding all the unwanted websites, click on ‘Apply’ button to execute.

Now, the websites you had mentioned will get blocked permanently and can also undo whenever you want. With this step, you can add any social sites to get blocked on your pc.

Use HT Employee Monitor to block websites temporarily

Similarly, you can block the social networking sites temporarily which is much better than permanently block.

Step 1: Download and install this software on the PC. (Click above Download Button)

Step 2: Run the software and go to ‘Website Limiting’ option.

Step 3: After opening windows, click ‘Add Website’ option and enter the URL of the websites that you want to block temporarily.

Step 4: After adding website, click on ‘limit’ for them from drop down box. You can also set the total time limit as well as schedule for the website to remain blocked and will continue to be blocked.

Step 5: After completion of your option on step 4, just click on ‘Apply’ button to set the system on your computer.

This software is easy to use and safe. Also, you can hide this software from your computer so that no one knows about your blocking websites. You can see many more feature by using this software such as website statistics, waste of his/her time on certain websites and also, prevent user from wrong websites list.

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