Customize Folders with Different Attractive Colors in Windows

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Customize Folders with Different Attractive Colors in Windows

Today, we are sharing folder customize tool for your computer that easily changes your folders with different attractive colors. You don’t need any knowledge to change folders color, just choose your folder and change with your own favorite colors. This is easy to use as well as fast to assign any colors on folders and it always helps you to separate your folders easily.

Remember: Since, software is free. So, you will need to enter your email for activation of this software if you are using this for the first time. After that, no need of any activation with email account. So that, you can also access with fake email account. One time activation for life time free to use.

Steps to Customize Folders with Different Colors in Windows:

Step 1: You need to download Folder Colorizer Software which is free, tiny size and no harmful for system. (Download Link)

Step 2: After Downloading, Install software on your computer.

Step 3: Now, choose any folder that you want to change color and click on right button of your mouse. You will find new context menu option – Colorize! Now, simply go to Colorize! Option and you can see submenu where you can choose any color or customize folders color with own color. For more clearly, just see below image snap.

color change on right click

By using this software, you can easily organize folders with different attractive colors you want to assign for different folders. It looks awesome, attractive for any windows user to access folder’s colors.

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