Compress 1 GB File Into 100 MB on Your Computer With This Amazing Trick

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Compress 1 GB File Into 100 MB on Your Computer With This Amazing Trick

Do you know that most of the games that are being compressed and so large after extracting? Have you ever thought that how it is done? and you can use same things on your computer or laptops with same procedure. So, I come with this amazing file compressing tricks that helps you to turn 1 GB of file into just 100 MB which will save your almost 900 MB disk space. This method is very easy and anyone can do this trick if you have basic knowledge of computer. Beside some files, this trick may not be worked perfectly. If you get something wrong while compressing just feel free and comment on below.

Steps To Compress 1 GB File into 100 MB:

Here this software used for compressing file is KGB Archiver. So, follow my process step by step to get complete compression.

Step 1: Download and setup KGB Archiver software on your pc/laptop. (Download Link)

Step 2: Now, Run KGB Archiver and then, choose Compress Files option and then just click next button.

Step 3: On appeared windows, click on three dot button as shown in below image.

Compress Step 3

Step 4: Now, specify the location where you want to save your compressed file with filename and just click on save.

Compress Step 4

Step 5: Now, click or change the compression level to Extreme and add the files that you want to compress and then, click next button.

Compress Step 5


Step 6: You can see the progress windows and wait until it completes.

Compress Step 6

Step 7: Now, go and click the file size, your file is compressed now.

Step 8: If you want to extract compressed file, just open KGB Archiver and then choose decompress archive and then follow the steps with software.


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