Find What Does Your Browser Know About You ?

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Find What Does Your Browser Know About You ?

Hey look, today I am coming with some knowledgeable tips for you. In this article, I am focus on the topic, “How to find what your browser know about you” with some useful things. Read the complete article on this topic or you can find search on Google about this topic. Basically, while online browsing you don’t know about yourself and have no idea or interest about your browsing system but, they know about your system and your information through online. This topic helps you to protect your privacy while browsing. So, first read this article in which I describe very simply form on this topic and give your feedbacks on comment box via this site.

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What Does Your Browser Know About You While Online Browsing

You should always be careful and think twice before visiting a website. After surfing in various websites you always clear your browsing history to delete all your confidential sites which you don’t want to share with anyone. You should always know that the browser is collecting information while using website or when using the Internet, the websites you are visiting and also the positions of your cursor. How we will come to know, what kind of status and data’s are recorded by our computer? The answer is here, a Dutch news company and Studio Moniker; a thrilling designing enterprise launched a website It is urbanized by VPRO.

This website runs only HTML5 browser and it is just JavaScript’s and just alerts you about the browsing history recorded by your browser, to secure your online browsing.

This site shows you how your data’s are being recorded by your browser. After visiting site, you will experience a blank screen and as you control your cursor or performs any action in the screen the blank screen will start updating those actions in written, which you can see. It is just like a supernatural power. And the website does not harm your computer. When you open you can see a white page and a big green button on which it has written “BUTTON”. This site records all your actions including idleness, notifying you that your mouse has drifted pointlessly and also if you have left the website.

According to your browsing history, the website also recognizes your gender. You will also get marks regarding your browsing history success. A designer of Studio Moniker wrote in a mail “they aimed at making people conscious about the recording of their information’s in a friendly way”. They made this site because they knew the user’s privacy is very precious for them. They tried their best to make the users aware of each action which is recorded in your browser and in a genuine manner.

In this way, you know something about yourself while browsing Internet. For more details you can Google about this topic, you find more and more advanced knowledge on the topic.

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