Hide Any Size Files Inside Any Image Using CMD

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Hide Any Size Files Inside Any Image Using CMD

Today, I am sharing one of the best trick on Computer system where you can store your secret files under any image file. Most of the people used to hide their personal information or files behind image file. This can be done by using power utility tool CMD in Windows computer. Just you need a bit of coding on command prompt. Command prompt can change your entire system setting and using this, we are now storing or hiding large size files inside any image without any software programs or application. Just Follow Below steps carefully.

Hide Your Any Size Files Inside Any Image Without using Any Software

Step 1: Lets to create a New Folder by selecting on Desktop right click and name it as NepKoder

Step 2: Now, inside this folder put your files, music etc.

Step 3: If you have your files to that NepKoder folder then, just compress all the files together using WinRAR software and name the WinRAR file as NepKoder. (basically NepKoder.rar)

Step 4: In your folder of NepKoder, you have your files and one RAR file. Now, use image you like and name it as NepKoderImage where you will hide your files.

Note: In NepKoder folder, you have one RAR file named as NepKoder.rar, your files and one image name as Icon.

(Remember: image should be in JPG format)

Now, Follow Below Steps Carefully:

Step 5: Now, open CMD (command prompt) by right clicking on start button.

Command Prompt (Admin)

Step 6: Now, type below codes one by one.

cd Desktop\NepKoder  (name of the folder you created under Desktop)

copy /b NepKoderImage.jpg + NepKoder.rar Icon.jpg


Step 7: Done! you can see the image. Believe it. to check about this method. go to image properties, you will see some MBs so, you are successfully hide your files.

Access that Hidden file:

To access the file, you made hidden under image, right click on the image and click on Open with WinRAR Archiver.

Share it and Use it!

Hope you Loved it. If you have any doubt using this trick, then feel free and ask or comment your question on this website. we will answer it shortly.


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