How To Remove Computer Virus without Any Software (using CMD)

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How To Remove Computer Virus without Any Software (using CMD)

Today, I am coming with an amazing trick on finding and removing of computer viruses using command prompt on any windows operating system. There are many methods to remove a virus from a computer which includes antivirus programs or firewalls etc. But here, I am talking a method which helps you to remove computer viruses easily without any software programs that is, using CMD. The command prompt (CMD) is a utility built-in program on windows operating system.

How To Remove Computer Viruses using CMD:

Step 1: Firstly, Open CMD (command prompt) as Admin. (Right click on start menu)

Command Prompt (Admin)

Step 2: Select your drive. Here, I have to select Drive F in CMD. For this, type “F:” without quote.

part 2

Step 3: Now, type below command on CMD and hit enter that shows you directory of drive F.

dir F:

part 3

Step 4: Now, type below command and press enter.

dir F: attrib -s -h /s /d *.*

part 4

Step 5: Now, CMD will load all the files on your drive. (Here Drive F)

part 5

Step 6: If you notice and unusual file.exe and any of autorun.inf then rename it with the given command below.

rename filename.extension new_filename

(see below for example)

part 6

Step 7: Done! now you can explore your drives without affecting viruses and can delete it from there. if you want to delete any file that contains virus you can type below command.


(replace autorun.inf with your filename)

From above method, you can easily remove or delete any malicious viruses on your system. It’s efficient and also don’t required any software, just only simple CMD utility program.


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