Secure Your Wi-Fi network Using Wireless Net Watcher

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Secure Your Wi-Fi network Using Wireless Net Watcher

There are many ways to secure your Wi-Fi network like WPA Security, WEP, WPS2 etc. and there are also many tutorials available over an internet but they all are waste of time. Today, we see you the latest amazing ways or methods that how to secure your Wi-Fi network in 2016.

Using this article, you can offer you Wi-Fi network to some and fixed specific devices. This method can apply on all types of modems and DSL routers like TP Link, Butanone, D Link etc. and popular modems are always come with MAC filtering facility so don’t worry about it.

Secure your Wi-Fi Network:

Step 1: Download Wireless Net Watcher from here. This is used to see who is connected with your Wi-Fi router and also, can see the MAC of the network devices.


Step 2: Now, open your Wi-Fi modem Admin Page.

Step 3: Go to Interface Setup>>Wireless.

You will see below setting image where you enter the MAC Address of that devices that you want to connect with your Wi-Fi network.

How-to-secure-your-wifi-network (step 3)

Step 4: Done! Click on Save to Enable the MAC Address Filtering.

By this method, every time when someone wants to connect with your Wi-Fi, they got error. (Only the specifies devices access your Wi-Fi network connection.)


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