Increase the RAM of Android Phone/Device Using SD Card

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Increase the RAM of Android Phone/Device Using SD Card

As everyone know and use android operating system on their mobile phones. Over 75% smartphones are based on android system in the world, and most of the mobile applications, games require heavy RAM usage. Today, we comes with this article that means, how to increase RAM of your Android Smartphones. Due to low RAM, you always facing big application running problems, can’t run heavy games, can’t open multiple tasks at the same time and mobile will be hanged.

By default, android system always runs some internal applications that don’t need. So you can find these apps and stop them which we don’t need to run. Increasing RAM doesn’t mean that you are internally adding some hardware in your smartphones and it’s been risky for your devices.


-> Higher SD card and minimum android version 4

-> Rooted Android Device

-> SD card adapter/Reader

-> Windows OS (runs any operating system)

How to increase RAM of android smartphone using SD Card:

Step 1: Before starting, you need to check your device that supports swapping or not. If supports, then go next Step.

Step 2: Creating partitions on SD Card

  1. Download Mini Tool Partition Wizard software from here.
  2. Connect your SD card via adapter or card reader.
  3. After installing Mini tool partition wizard, open and format the SD card using it.
  4. Select the SD card set the partition as primary and file system as FAT32 (for card more than 4GB to create partition) and click Done.
  5. Also, click on partition option and select primary partition and file system to EXT2, EXT3, EXT4.
  6. Click on apply changes.
  7. All Done! You successfully created partition.

Step 3: Now, connect with your Rooted Android Device.

  1. Download Link2SD app from play store.(Download Link)
  2. Connect your SD card.
  3. Open the link2SD app and give root access permission.
  4. Choose the .ext partition.
  5. Start linking your SD card.

Step 4: Increasing RAM

  1. Download Swapper for Rooted device from play store. (Download Link)
  2. Open the app and select the amount of RAM to be increase.
  3. This app will create .swp file.
  4. Now you can successfully increase your android smartphones RAM.

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