Install Instagram Desktop App For Windows/Linux/Mac PC

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Install Instagram Desktop App For Windows/Linux/Mac PC

Welcome back, here I am sharing about the Instagram app for desktop pc or laptop. Since, most of the people use Instagram apps on their smartphone. So, today I post about Instagram application for desktop computer, not for smartphone user. If you don’t know how to access Instagram directly from desktop or laptop, then Read this complete article for download.

Instagram is one of the most popular social networking media and there are millions of active accounts in a year. The main feature of Instagram is about its picture and video posting facilities with different stories feature. Also, this rising social media has its own awesome photo or video filter effects available during uploading photo. People can like, comment and share their Instagram post on different social media like, Facebook, twitter, VK, Flickr etc. Basically, it is more popular day to day due to its high picture and video sharing features.

Most of the users use Instagram apps through their smartphone and don’t know about any desktop tools or apps of Instagram for PC.So, Using Instagram apps on desktop is similar to mobile Instagram and looks like mobile design. You don’t need any extra step to setup install Instagram on your computer. Oh! Yes, I talk about unofficial Instagram desktop app – Ramme.

Ramme is an unofficial Instagram desktop app available for Windows, Linux and Mac system with support for theme customization, keyboard shortcuts, and background behavior and updates feature. This desktop software has necessary Instagram feature and can be run directly with Instagram account.

Features of Ramme – An unofficial Instagram App:

  • Dark theme – you can shift theme to light or dark mode theme.
  • Auto update – automatically update feature is available.
  • Background behavior – you can change background behavior of app.
  • Keyboard shortcuts – various shortcuts of keyboard are available to control app.

Keyboard Shortcuts Key:

You can download Ramme from github or click below download button.

Download Link

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