Install WordPress Locally on Windows Using WampServer

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Now, I am coming with this very excited tutorials based on web development tools that is, I am talking about how to install WordPress locally on any windows system in few minutes. There are many options for windows, but here we discuss about WampServer you can also use XAMPP server for this purpose. If you starting self-hosting WordPress blogging website but have no knowledge about it, you obviously useful this tutorial.

Why this is important?

  • It can be operated on offline that is, no internet connection required.
  • Later, you can transfer files or blog on online server.
  • All things and tools for testing locally is with zero cost.
  • You can easily do and develop WordPress themes.

Before starting about this tutorial, you must know about below things.

What is WampServer?

WampServer is a popular windows web development environment that allows you to create web applications with Apache2, PHP and MySQL database And WordPress is not a stand-alone application and needs server software to run. WampServer provides the required server environment so you can install and access WordPress on your computer locally rather than on the internet.

You can download Latest version of WampServer from Here.

I have complete video tutorial for this. so, follow steps step by step to get complete knowledge about installation and setup of WordPress with WampServer.

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