JAVA is the Best Programming Language, Why?

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JAVA is the Best Programming Language, Why?

Java is the popular programming language for everyone who are interested in computer programming. It is the best language for development, desktop, software design, testing etc. The usage of this Java programming language are increasing day by day that millions of people are learning Java programming language for their career coding development. But, here we are giving you five reason on Java programming language on its popularity over others programming languages. We come with Question “Why Java is the best or popular programming language among others languages?” followed by this five reasons described on this post.

Java is popular and everywhere, on desktop, mobile, card, computer i.e. almost everywhere. To access Java on your system, you can use IDE (Integrated Development Environment) applications such as Eclipse or NetBeans which also makes Java much easier and faster.

  • Object Oriented Language

Java is one of the object oriented programming language which includes almost all functions or topics of C/C++ such as Data Abstracts, Inheritance, Polymorphism etc. Since, C/C++ is the powerful and fundamental language for all programmers. So, these all the principles of C++ make Java more better than other languages like C/C++.

  • Open Source Libraries

Java consists of big collection of open source libraries or big organizations such as Apache, Google etc. This results Java to develop application very fast, easy and more effective.

  • Free and Platform Independent

From the release date of Java programming language, it is free for everyone and no need of any pay to develop Java applications. So, this free word also helped Java to become famous for all programmers.

The Java’s tagline “Write Once Run Anywhere” was enough to attract lots of new developers and the Java platform independence is also great. Many Desktop or Windows platform environment applications was developed by Java and also able to run in UNIX platform system.

  • Rich in API

Since, Java provides API for everything during development such as networking, software development, Database connection etc. whatever left is covered by open source libraries such as Apache commons, Google guava and others.

  • Community and Documentation

For Every programmer, Java helps to develop their application or actually promotes talking and giving back to community habit. Lots of programmers that use open source libraries, application tester etc. The Java community gives necessary ideas and lot of confidence to a newbie in Java language.

Javadoc made learning easy that provide and excellent reference while coding in Java language. And also, you don’t need to look Javadoc in browser, that is you can get all information in your IDE window itself.

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