Making Undeletable and Unrenameable Folder on Windows (Without Software)

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Making Undeletable and Unrenameable Folder on Windows (Without Software)

In this post, I’m giving you tricks which can help to create undeletable and unrenameable folder within one minute in windows by using CMD. Try it yourself to create one such folder which can neither be deleted nor be renamed.

System Compatibility :-

This works on all version/editions of Microsoft’s windows.

Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and also Windows 10.

Creating the Folder :-

Step 1: Click on Start and go to Run(For directly, press win+R key)

Step 2: Type “cmd” without quotes then Command Prompt Window appears.

Step 3: On CMD, type the name of the drive you wish to create your folder in the format <drivename>: and press Enter.

E.g. If you wish to create the undeletable folder in D drive, type “D:” without the quotes.

Remember: The folder cannot be created in your system drive. (commonly on C:\ drive)

Step 4: Type “md con\” or “md lpt1\” without the quotes on CMD and press Enter. (choose any one keywords given above as the name of your folder).

Now Windows will create an undeletable, unrenamable folder in the drive you entered in Step 3. However, the folder can be renamed to another keyword using Windows Explorer.

Deleting the Folder :-

Although, it is not possible to manually delete the folder, you can delete the folder by typing “rd con\” or “rd lpt1\“in Step 4 instead of “md con\” or “md lpt1\”.

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