How to Remove Write Protection From Pendrive | Best Two Methods

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How to Remove Write Protection From Pendrive | Best Two Methods

Using USB Pendrive, just plug in and you will get everything you need from Pendrive. As we can also make bootable usb for computer system. Pendrive manufacturers keep on improvising their products and thus they introduce write protection in Pendrive. Actually, write protection is a setting that blocks any sort of modification or deletion of files. When your Pendrive is at write protection, you cannot delete or copy file or even format the USB. So, we discuss about removal of write protection from usb Pendrive or SD card in this article. Here, two different working methods are sharing for windows system. Just follow below methods step by step and remove your write protection easily.

Different Methods To Remove Write Protection From USB Pendrive

Method 1: Using Registry Editor

For windows, Registry Editor is a collection of resource where we can edit, modify or remove settings for any particular file or system. So, we use this to remove write protection from usb Pendrive.

Steps to Remove Write Protection From USB Pendrive:

Step 1: Click on Start menu and search for Run. (Directly press Win+R)

Step 2: Type regedit and press enter.

Step 3: Now, registry editor will open then, just navigate through following path.


Step 4: After reaching above path, double click on WriteProtect key located in the right-side pane and set the value 0.

Step 5: Now, go to the Data Value Box and press ok.

Finish the process safely by removing usb and then, restart your pc and again plug the usb Pendrive.

Method 2: Using Command Prompt (CMD):

If you are not able to fix with above methods, then this method is suitable for you and also easy. Hope you already knew about CMD. So, just follow steps to fix write protection error on usb Pendrive.

Steps to Remove Write Protection From USB:

Step 1: Open CMD on your computer by typing cmd on start menu.

Step 2: In CMD, type diskpart and press enter.

Step 3: Now, you will get another window, just type list volume and press enter. (It will display of your drives connected on your pc)

Step 4: Find your Pendrive and check the letter that follows it name.

Step 5: Now, type select volume X. (Replace X with your number from the first column in the list for the USB drive you want to perform commands for)

Example: If your usb drive is volume 4, just type select volume 4.

Step 6: Now, type attributes disk clear readonly and press enter.

Step 7: Type exit and press enter. Done!

Now, you should remove your Pendrive and plug-in again. Hope this method will fixed issue.

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