Use Trial Software Forever for Lifetime Free 2016

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Use Trial Software Forever for Lifetime Free 2016

In this article, I describe how to use trial version software for lifetime free. There are many software provider companies which provide us to use their software product for only trial version that means, for a specific time period and software expires software trial day. We need to buy that software for further or lifetime use, otherwise we leave it. Now, I am going to show a good method for this trial software in case of saving your money.

We are talking about a very powerful tool that is, RunAsDate that help to use trial software for forever lifetime freely. You need to follow these steps to perform software lifetime without any cost.

Before starting about this article, you must remember below points while using software.

  1. Remember the Time when you installed that trial software on your pc.
  2. Check the Computer for 64 bit – run RunAsDate x64, otherwise use RunAsDate.
  3. After expired, you must run that software using RunAsDate.
  4. If the trial software does not run it, trick will not work for you.

Follow These Steps:

  1. Download the available tool of RunAsDate from given below link.


  1. Setup and Run ‘RunAsDate’ and browse the software for which you are here, I mean you want to run after the trial version is expired.

For this: Drive[C] >> Program Files >> Find your trial software and choose only .exe extension file.

  1. Enter the data when you have installed that trial software in the Date/Time option shown in below.
  2. Now, Click on Run.

Note: you must use RunAsDate every time using this steps if you run the program without this, your software will not work longer.

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