Watch YouTube Videos While Browsing With This Chrome Extension

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Watch YouTube Videos While Browsing With This Chrome Extension

YouTube – i think no need to describe about it. In this post, i am posting about watching YouTube video during browsing on Google chrome browser. Most of the mobile have YouTube application with this feature, which means, you can watch video while you are searching or browsing on YouTube app in your android mobile. But, in computer, you can only watch your clicked video. So, you can access multitasking feature while browsing YouTube video in chrome browser. You don’t need extra activities to do this, just use one Google chrome extension in your Google chrome. Now, it is very easy to watch YouTube videos while browsing in your web browser. I am talking about extension – Floating For YouTube.

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This chrome extension enables the multitasking feature in your desktop browsing and also, allows watching running video while browsing with YouTube. It doesn’t matter how many tabs you will open or how many times you are switching into other tabs. That is, this extension will always available on your browsing screen. Just install and use this cool Google chrome extension on your browser.

Watch YouTube Videos While Browsing With This Chrome Extension:

Step 1: Firstly, you need Google chrome browser. If not install it from its official website.

Step 2: To install “Floating for YouTube“, you need to go Google web store and search it. You can directly download via this link.

Step 3: After adding, this extension is available on the top left corner of your chrome browser.

Step 4: Launch this extension by clicking the icon.

Step 5: After that, one blank white floating window will appear on your browser and just paste the YouTube URL that you want to watch video.

Now, you can enjoy your YouTube browsing on Floating window in Google chrome browser.

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