Bluetooth is called Bluetooth, Why?

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Bluetooth is called Bluetooth, Why?

In modern technology world, Bluetooth is also one of the wireless technology standard for transferring data over short distances from fixed or mobile devices or also building personal area networks – PAN.
Bluetooth is the name given to wireless communication technology that helps to allow the transmission of data and files quickly and securely with different types of devices.

But have you ever stopped to think why Bluetooth technology got its name? And why bluetooth is called Bluetooth ??

Here in this article, I searched the reason behind the famous name Bluetooth.

In 1994 time, Engineers of a Swedish Company named Ericsson invented a wireless technology that helps to communicate among various devices system. Engineers recalled the legend of Danish Viking King Harald Blatand.

And Harald Blatand or you can say Harold Bluetooth in English. The name he got because of his fondness towards blueberries which stained his teeth. King Blatand is always know for uniting the nations he has an ability to bring people together in non-violent negotiations. As King Blatand is known for uniting the nations and so, similarly, Bluetooth was created to allow connectivity and collaboration between different devices. In order to pay tribute to King Blatand contribution, engineers have combined the initials of his name in the Bluetooth Logo shown below picture where H for Harald and B for Blatand together it becomes Bluetooth.

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